The Situation

I don’t think most people really know what we’re up against.

We are up against a greedy, worldwide criminal cabal using:

a) corrupt politicians to wield otherwise unattainable power; and

b) political division to distract from their theft and their destruction of our economic & environmental futures.

This cabal includes Putin, Netanyahu, MBS, Trump, Kushner and Ivanka, Bannon, the Mercers, Erdogan, Bolsonaro, Duterte, Orban, and many unethical billionaires and oligarchs here and all over the world united to accomplish an agenda — the destruction the liberal democratic order and its replacement it with global fascism.

This is a global struggle. The same tactics used in Hungary, in Brexit, in the 2016 US election have been applied over and over again against all of the world’s liberal democracies. In some cases, the same people are running these campaigns. Bannon seems to be everywhere this is spreading.

These tactics include weapons grade disinformation, misinformation, and slander pushed over a network of bots, trolls, dupes, faulty algorithms, and complicit local media. They include bullying and blackmailing political opponents into submission (such as Judge Ellis in the Manafort case or Jeff Bezos).

Here in the United States, under a constant stream of lies from Trump and his henchmen, we have seen Trump conduct a wide range of impeachable offenses. He has violated the emoluments clause, obstructed justice, abused his pardon power, engaged in naked nepotism, sided with our enemies over United States citizens, and threatened political violence against his opponents like a tyrant. His crimes have been well covered Even if Trump had never committed a crime, there’s still the obvious fact that he is the stupidest, most corrupt man to occupy said office in modern times.

Every day that we wait to take action, Trump hires more hacks and cronies for key agencies and the courts and real harm is done. How many children will have been torn from their parents or abused by the time the next President is sworn in? How many will die in custody?

And yet despite all this, our political leadership is totally unwilling to initiate impeachment hearings. We are told he is not worth it and that we should focus our energy on the 2020 election. We can’t only rely on the 2020 election to save us. Trump and his cronies will cheat, gerrymander, suppress votes, hack, and bot their way to victory if possible. And even if they lose, there’s no guarantee he will leave office. This is a President who has threatened to use the police, the military, and his “bikers” to go after political opponents. There’s no guarantee we will even make it the 2020 election given the increasing rate at which he seems to consolidating power.

Trump is a lawless authoritarian whose creeping erosion of norms and laws has somehow become accepted. Such an enemy leaves us with two choices – real grassroots resistance, or pathetic acquiescence to where we are headed. If we fail to beat Trump, we will collectively be disgraced before the whole world. But if we turn this around, we will be the greatest generation.

But how?