SOS Toolkit For Local Organizers, Activists, and Protesters

Step 1: Follow & Promote SOS on Social Media

 You can help by following the #SOSAmerica2019 hashtag and amplifying our message to your networks. It is also helpful if you can connect to and amplify our organizers. Follow #SOSAmerica2019 on FacebookTwitter, Instagram, and YouTube. We will soon have SMS alerts and other tech for staying in touch, as well. Following and boosting are enormously helpful. We want to connect with as many protest and activist groups as possible to make this work. 

Step 2: Join An Existing Local Event

  • If you hear about another organization hosting a local event, add it to the SOS ProtestTracker and then show up! You can also find local events using SOS ProtestTracker .
  • Bring SOS stickers, flyers, banner, flag, and wear SOS gear. You can purchase merch here.
  • Network with fellow activists, especially the leaders of the hosting organization
  • Joining a couple events back-to-back is even better — contributes to the narrative of  SOS supporting *sustained protests*!

Step 3: Coordinate Your Own SOS Event

  • Stickering
    • Great first action for 1 person!
    • Put stickers in high traffic areas where you think they will be left up for a while, on recognizable landmarks or on a light post with the landmark in the background and take pictures of them and post to social media
    • What you need: 1 person, stickers (DM Ben Franklin on Telegram to have them sent to you)
  • Pass Out Flyers (PDF Flyer)
    • This is a great action to take to build your local SOS community and network with other organizations that might be at the same event!
    • Go to a farmer’s market or street festival, hold a sign or put out the SOS banner to grab people’s attention, and pass out flyer to passers-by
    • Get video/photos and post on social media
  • Lennon Wall
    • This is a great way to engage fellow activists and the public, and create a beautiful visual of your message
    • Have participants write on post-its why they are in the fight
    • Take photos of people writing out and sticking their post-it on the wall, and of the finished product and post on social media
    • What you need to do it: 1 person, 1 board or wall (e.g. subway station), markers, and post-its           
  • Rallies & Marches:

Educational Websites and Materials

Social Media Activism

1. Twitter

2.”How To Frame The Conflict” for phrasing in conversations/posts

Organizing In Your Community

1. Resistance School:

2. “Act Up Civil Disobedience Training”

3. “Ruckus Action Strategy Guide” for full list of actions you can take along with strategies for a successful event

4. “VSO Participatory Advocacy Toolkit” for a deep dive on how to carry out successful action

5. “Never Again Action Toolkit” for information from a group that is taking very advanced direct action. **Not for beginners**

6. “SOS Strategy For Outreach To Other Organizations”

SOS endorsed organizations to network with:

American Friends Service Committee

Jews Against ICE

Kremlin Annex


Never Again Action

Rise and Resist

 Vigil For Democracy

We The People Impeach