Our members share a common belief that our institutions are not willing to stop Donald Trump’s seizure of power. Federal law enforcement, the Justice Department, and our elected representatives have shown themselves either unwilling or unable to stand up to Trump and his enablers.

We have decided that it is time for the American people to fight for ourselves, and stop waiting for others to fight for us. We believe that large, sustained protests, similar to those we are now seeing in Russia, Hong Kong, and Puerto Rico are vital to the future of our country and our Democracy. This will require ongoing physical mobilization in the largest cities of the country starting within the next month. Our mobilization will be entirely non-violent and non-destructive.

We intend to mobilize until we get these three things:

1) The removal of Donald Trump and anyone who committed crimes to get him or keep him in office.

2) An election safe and secure from foreign interference with hand-marked paper ballots.

3) Permanent protection for immigrants and asylum seekers.

No single group can accomplish this on their own, and we aim to facilitate communication between different established groups in addition to mobilizing our own resources in support of sustained protests.