People always gave the citizens of Nazi Germany a hard time for not stopping the rise of fascism there, but if you’re on this webpage you’ve probably figured out by now how it happened. Gradually, then faster and faster. What is so frustrating for many of us now is that Americans, armed with all the lessons and knowledge and history from that period, have failed to stop a similar process from unfolding in their country. It’s like we’re playing “don’t descend into authoritarianism” on easy mode and we’re still losing. We are headed towards dark times before we see the sunlight because of the inability of the “people in charge” to grasp the situation and respond.

Americans have “Savior Syndrome.” They think one person is going to come along and fix everything. They idolize their leaders to a fault. But the fact of the matter is that no movement, no country ever succeeded because of one charismatic person. What we’re dealing with requires grassroots, decentralized organization. And it starts locally and if you are reading this you must act.

If you’re hearing a small voice in your head telling to become an activist, listen to it. If you ever said you’d fight the Empire or Voldemort or the Nazis, stand and be counted now. No one is coming to save us and victory isn’t guaranteed, but we have to try. But if you’re hoping that there’s some billionaire or secret society or elite group or some other savior behind this project, you’re going to be disappointed. We’re just folks, folks.